Baby Bottles For Life 2024

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 2024 Baby Bottle for Life Year-Round Fundraiser! Here you will find all the information and materials you will need to run a successful fundraising campaign whether traditionally, virtually. or both.

In addition to helping you to set up your custom Baby Bottle Fundraiser, we will provide a variety of downloadable promotional materials you can use as needed and instructions on how to successfully execute your fundraiser.

What is Baby Bottles for Life?

BB4L is a year-round significant fundraiser for Waterleaf. Traditionally, the program consists of distributing bottles and/or envelopes during a designated weekend and then filling those bottles with spare change, cash, and checks. We added a secure online fundraising page to accommodate those parishes, churches, and schools that would like to add this option to their campaign.

Every dollar given through the Baby Bottle for Life Fundraiser equips Waterleaf to serve women, men, and families in our local communities. Your donations help us give physical, emotional, and spiritual support to young men and women as they face pregnancy-related situations and circumstances.

How is the program implemented?

Once your church or parish has decided to participate in the Baby Bottle for Life Fundraiser, we coordinate with your team leader to set up a time frame for running the program. We also work with your team leader to manage transferring, distributing and collecting the bottles/cards/envelopes or setting up your online fundraising page using our safe and secure online platform, Fundeasy.

BB4L Fundraiser

First decide how many bottles, cards, and/or envelopes you will need for your fundraiser. All the bottles are assembled at Waterleaf and can be picked up at our center in Aurora along with baby bottle cards and envelopes if you choose to implement them as well. Arrangements can also be made to have a Waterleaf staff member drop bottles, cards, and/or envelopes off at your church or parish.

On your distribution weekend, bottles, cards, and/or envelopes are handed out by your team of baby bottle volunteers at the end of all Masses on Saturday and Sunday. On the collection weekend (usually 2 – 4 weeks after the distribution weekend), the bottles and/or envelopes are collected by your team. 

At that time, we ask that your team of volunteers empty the change from the bottles into the coin bags provided by Waterleaf. All other cash from the envelopes along with the change can be deposited directly into your parish’s bank account. The team leader then brings a one check written for the cash/change and any other checks written out to Waterleaf along with the empty bottles and bins back to Waterleaf.  We would be happy to come and pick up the bottles and check(s) if that is more convenient. 

Fundeasy Online BB4L Fundraising Page

We have added a online fundraising page for all our participating churches, parishes, and schools. This secure team fundraising page for Waterleaf is through Fundeasy. Anyone can go to your team’s fundraising page on Fundeasy directly through a link and make a donation with just the click of a button.  The online option will automatically keep track of donations and show your team’s progress to reach your fundraising goal. This link can also be shared easily with family and friends by word of mouth or your social media platforms. 

How Can You Successfully Promote Your Campaign?

For the promotional phase of the program, click the green button at the top entitled Promotional Resources to download all of the materials you think you will need. Please custom these with your own information for your parish or organization. You can even add the QR code with the link to your Fundeasy team page on the bulletin insert and posters as well. 

For additional information, please take a minute to watch our informational video below.

Thank you for your support and friendship,

The Waterleaf Team

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