Aspire Education

Aspire’s in-school STD and sexual risk avoidance education program started in 2012 as a way to reach students with information about STDs and healthy relationships while still in high school. We have this same conversation in-house with young women that come to Waterleaf and have negative pregnancy tests as well as those seeking birth control. By learning early on their value and worth, young people can approach relationships in healthy ways, with tools and an understanding of how to put their goals and self-worth first and identify and avoid harmful relationships.

Streaming Classes

Our streaming parenting, prenatal, relationship and life-skills classes provide needed information and education to our clients.This earn-while-you-learn program provides educational videos they can view either in-house or remotely and rewards them with points which equate to gift cards to use for whatever they may need.Abortion culture tells them that because the pregnancy was a mistake or unplanned, there’s no way they have what it takes to be parents. Our curriculum and coaching prove just the opposite. Life throws many curveballs and responding with help and hope is an empowering way to show up for the people who need our support the most.

Faith Enhancement

As the Aspire Resource Specialists establish rapport with clients, it offers the opportunity to talk to those interested about their faith and potential to grow in their faith. We can refer them to churches, introduce them to prayer either individually or in a group setting via bible study, and walk with them on their faith journey.

Resource Center Client Services

Community Referrals

When clients come to us with needs we aren’t equipped to meet in-house, we have a variety of other ministries and community resources to which we can refer them.Often, our clients need housing assistance, help finding and keeping a job, or need skills training. We’re able to help introduce them to and navigate the many resources they need for success.

Mentoring Program

Most of the time, if a woman is considering abortion it’s because she lacks support, from her family or father of the baby, and doesn’t feel like she has what it takes to parent. Our mentoring program offers support and relationship in a one-on-one setting where our mentors can learn about the individual needs of the women in the program and offer guidance and solutions so they feel empowered to choose life and parent.

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