Waterleaf Women’s Center is our pregnancy clinic dedicated to meeting the needs of abortion-minded women in DuPage and the surrounding counties. We provide a variety of services to holistically serve these women who often have nowhere else to go. When women know they have support and resources, they more often than not choose life because they feel empowered to do so.

Pregnancy Testing

Many women come to us because they’re scared they might be pregnant. They may have missed a period or experienced other pregnancy symptoms and want to know for sure. The first thing we provide is pregnancy testing.

This is more than offering a free pregnancy test, though. We provide the test and then talk with women about what a pregnancy means for their life right now. Many are so overwhelmed and scared and need a safe place to process their fears and emotions. Our client advocates provide that safe space in our clinic.


If a woman receives a positive pregnancy test, the next step we offer is a free ultrasound. This is a needed service medically to help her understand how far along she is, where the pregnancy is located, and if the pregnancy is viable. All of these are important factors as she not only processes the fact that she’s pregnant, but considers her options moving forward.

An ultrasound is important for another reason, too. This is often her first “introduction” to her baby. The moment when a woman sees her baby on the ultrasound screen has been described as the moment when heaven meets earth, because it’s in that moment she sees and connects to the reality of the life inside her. After seeing the ultrasound, most women choose life even if they’re still scared and uncertain how they’ll make everything work.

Options Counseling

We provide options counseling to every woman who wants it. This is where we talk about each of the options a woman could choose – abortion, adoption, and parenting. We make it clear we do not provide or refer for abortions, but we do provide education and accurate information about abortion, including the potential risks and side effects involved.

By helping women understand their options, we empower them to make a fully-informed choice. And because we do not financially benefit from a woman’s decision, she is able to receive the information we provide in a judgment-free, non-pressuring environment. After seeing an ultrasound and hearing about their options, many women choose life.

Limited STD Testing & Treatment

We started providing limited STD testing and treatment shortly after our ministry began as a way to provide another service that would let women know who we are and how we can serve them. It’s obviously important for women and men to know about the risks and dangers of STDs, and we can provide the testing and treatment in our caring offices. This is a way to build relationships and trust in the community that will expand our reach and ability to serve more women.

Post-Abortion and Grief Healing

Finally, we also provide post-abortion and grief healing to women who have had abortions. Whether the abortion happened last week or years ago, we can help women process the grief that culture says they shouldn’t feel after their abortions. Many women don’t understand that problems they face today are directly related to an abortion decision in their past and have found freedom, healing, and hope as a result of their time working with us through their grief.

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