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Encourage. Empower. Equip.

Our mission is to be the chosen destination for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, transforming their fear into confidence, by addressing their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, and equipping them to make healthy life-affirming decisions.

Many women who come to us are considering abortion because they don’t feel like they have another option. They often face pressure from their boyfriend, parents, and friends to have an abortion because it’s the “easy” way out. We get to show them the truth and help them feel empowered to choose life!

Offering Resources. Offering Hope.

Because women feel alone, they need to know they’ll have support if they decide to carry to term. This is what many women want to do, they just don’t have the support network to make them feel like it’s possible. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we’re able to offer that to her and much more!

Once a woman decides to carry to term, she can enroll in our parenting classes. As she attends, she earns points that she can then spend on needed maternity and baby supplies in our store. This is doubly empowering because she’s not only gaining material resources she needs but is also gaining confidence to believe she can parent.

We Can’t Do It Without You

We love waking up every day knowing that our donors and supporters have our back! Your prayers, financial gifts, and material donations allow us to serve women every day in desperate need of help and hope.

Illinois is a very hard state to make pro-life gains. Even as our state politics are headed in the wrong direction, we are honored to provide a safe place for women to go where they’ll be told they can carry to term and parent. Our state is hostile to life, but our center shines a bright light in the community thanks to your generosity and support!

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) pregnancy assistance and information center founded in 2009. All donations are tax-deductible.

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